C r e a t i v e Process

By using different materials and techniques, Spraying automotive lacquers, carpentry and metal welding arts come to life. HaRry forte is using interesting textiles, old and new, from all over the world in a fresh and unexpected way.

HaRry enjoys creating and designing furniture, sculptures, screens, masks, mirrors, and many other unusual art objects and products.

I enjoy transforming existing ideas and concepts to a new dimension. Finding different ways of reinventing a new concept for every day objects. Using original, funky, avant-garde, exiting colors, shapes, forms and materials in my own unique way. I always pay great attention to hand detailing comfort and practicability.

"Always influenced by surroundings and prevailing culture. Harry creates art to lift your spirit in a happy, colorful and inspiring new way. He likes the challenge of finding creative solutions for any new idea."
Larry H. C.