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Harry Segil
" My intention as a designer is to create practical and innovative design solutions. I like to stretch the limits of imagination and bring color and joy in all my projects"

Harry has inspired clients like Pepsi, General Motors, Budweiser, Mattel and MTV, His famous NBC Peacock chair. His work is seen in the offices, homes and collections of many famous people like Madonna, Robin Williams, Cindi Lauper, John Cusack, Patty Smith, Diane Keaton, Ringo Star, Valentino, just to name a few. All Harry art & designs, art furniture, custom creations are timeless investments that are the perfect design motive in virtually any setting: a lobby, lounge, restaurant, bedroom or living room.Harry art amuses, amazes and challenges you to stretch your imagination.Contact Harry Design Studio for all your residential, commercial & product design projects. We will provide you the most innovative market forward solutions & design concepts.