What Harry can do for you
or your company?

Harry segils's art
"I will analize and interpret all your design needs. I will focus my passionate creativity and understanding of current marketing trends"

Harry invites you to transcend traditional concepts. His team will analyze your corporate and personal needs and will assist you with innovative market forward solutions.

His work is seen in the homes and offices of many of the world premier talents as:

Consult us for your marketing and design solutions. We will design your hotel, lobby office or home, add new ideas and redesign and create new products to meet your needs. Redesign or design new products ranging from perfume bottles, T-shirts, computer covers, umbrellas, etc.

Harry has inspired and worked with clients, like Pepsi, General Motors, Budweisser, Mattel Toys, NBC, MTV, TV shows, Music Videos and product and space design.

Harry is a great teacher, and teaches design and the creative process.

Contact us now to create the best new design solutions for you