Who is Harry Segil?

Harry Segil
" My intention as a designer is to create practical and innovative design solutions. I like to stretch the limits of imagination and bring color and joy in all my projects"

A native of South Africa, HaRry's aesthetic, celebrates his bold sense of color, texture and style. HaRry´s designs elevate the spirit and celebrate freedom of expression. His work dazzles and rejuvenates with its dynamism and personality.

During his 25 years in Los Angeles, he received global fame as a pop culture artist, designer and trend visionary.

HaRry continues to receive world wide acclaim and media recognition.

HaRry has inspired clients from Pepsi, General Motors, Budweiser, MTV, NBC.

His work is seen in the offices and homes of many of the worlds premier talents…Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, John Cusack, Robin Williams, Ringo Starr, Diane Keaton, Valentino, to name a few.

HaRry is now causing a total uproar in Panama and Latin America.

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